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Close-up of a reflective mylar page in the thesis book, Unseen Realities

Unseen Realities

An architectural thesis project inviting individuals to re-examine architecture as an open structure, where everything and nothing exists at the same time.

Project Type
Academic, Architecture & Print Design
1 Year
Architectural & Graphic Designer
Rhino, InDesign, Photoshop

thesis book

Unseen Realities is a psychological excursion into the unknown where users immerse themselves in spaces that cross-over between dimensions.

Translating this multi-dimensional experience into a book, mylar and transparency film were used within the pages to blur the boundary between two realities –– one defined by readers’ habitual perceptions of book design, and the second defined by pages of surreal fluidity, which enable readers to perceive themselves, objects, and the space surrounding them in different ways.

Front cover image of Unseen Realities thesis book
An open spread in the thesis book, Unseen Realities, showing book divisions
An image of the Unseen Realities skyscraper
Physical Model